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Growth Support Services

Halal Certification Assistance

Market Research and Insights

Networking Events

Mentorship and Consultation

Educational Resources and Workshops

Funding and Investment Support

Business Development Support

Advocacy and Representation

Online Platform and Resources

Recognition and Promotion

Legal and Regulatory Guidance

Specialized Training and Development

HalalCCI Provides Services For Following


Halal Food & Beverages

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Islamic Finance & Fintech

Modest Fashion

Muslim Friendly Travel & Tourism

Education & Training

Halal Media & Recreation

Shipping & Logistics

Halal Meat & Poultry



International Trade Missions

The International Trade Missions coordinated by the Halal Center of Commerce & Industry facilitate connections between businesses, governments, and stakeholders, fostering partnerships and trade agreements.


Workshops organized by the Halal Center of Commerce & Industry are led by industry experts, these workshops encourage businesses to integrate Halal principles, fostering compliance and credibility within global markets for Halal consumers and help in sustainable development of Halal businesses.


HalalCCI consulting services are specialized in fostering Halal compliance, market strategies, and sustainable growth for businesses worldwide.


Elevate your Halal business acumen at our Summits, where key stakeholders convene to drive transformative strategies and solutions for industry advancement.


Experience the diversity of Halal products and services at our Expos, offering a platform for businesses to showcase their offerings to a global audience.


Championing the interests of the halal industry, our Advocacy efforts strive for equitable policies and opportunities, ensuring a thriving and sustainable ecosystem and a peaceful world for everyone.